Once we are finished building your niche store, there are a few things you need to do.

If you used your existing store for this service, skip to step 4.

1) Sign up as a staff account.

You will receive an email within 24 hours where you can sign up as a staff account to your new store. 

2) Choose a Shopify Plan 

Once you successfully sign up to your store as an admin, we can then fully transfer the ownership over to you. From there, you will need to choose a pricing plan.

*For us to transfer ownership, you will have to sign up as a staff account to your store and then email requesting transfer of the store*

Once we transfer ownership, you can choose a Shopify subscription plan.


3) Change Store Contact Information

This is so important. You need to change the address, business name, store name, account email & customer email.

4) Enter Meta Title & Description

What is a meta title & description? It is how your site is displayed in search engines. You want to be short & informative & let people know what you're about. 

To enter a meta title and description, go to Online Store > Preferences

5) Setup your Payment Gateway


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