COVID-19: 3 Ways to Boost Your Sales

COVID-19: 3 Ways to Boost Your Sales

Are your Shopify store sales low because of the COVID-19 outbreak? Or, have you been planning to start your own dropshipping store, but not sure how to make it work during the pandemic?

Let us show you how to make the virus scare work for you and boost your sales. These strategies will work for long time running Shopify stores or newly built dropshipping stores.

  1.     Highlight FREE SHIPPING Offers

At DropshipForSale, we set up the stores with 3x profit margins on each item. This means that if the wholesale product costs $5 from the supplier, you will be reselling it to your store for $15!

The markup is enough to cover the shipping fees which usually amounts to 2-3 dollars, and you’ll still get $7 profit from each item sold. If $7 doesn’t seem profitable for you, then you’ll have to make sure your store visitors know that you offer free shipping!

Create an image banner or write it in big red bold letters on your store saying, “FREE SHIPPING!” I mean, you have to let the store visitors know upfront so they won’t hold off on adding products in the Cart. This way you could easily get 3-5 items purchased from each customer, and imagine just having 20-30 people checkout each day!

For just $7 per sale, you could earn a minimum $10,080 a month! Who wouldn’t want to offer free shipping, now?!

  1.     COVID-19 Sales-Proceed Campaign

If you’re feeling generous and you feel like $10,080 a month is too much for you, consider donating some of these amounts to WHO or any local health organizations to help them fight the virus. This is also an effective way to encourage your store customers to purchase anything. Get an image of volunteers or doctor’s in hospitals wearing masks, and add texts on how YOU and YOUR CUSTOMERS will be able to help save lives by purchasing from your store, and you will be donating 5 or 10 percent of the sales to WHO or local hospitals. To make this more effective and keep customers coming back with their friends, post a quick blog update about the donation-campaign and create loyal customers with your integrity!

  1.     Create Bundled Kits

Now, if you combine this offer with any of the previously mentioned strategies, your sales will surely be through the roof! So if you haven’t got a store virtual assistant, or you can’t work full time on your dropshipping business, just choose any one of these strategies. We want to create loyal customers who trust you and will promote your store with their friends and family. If you get too much order, and you’re not able to fulfill them on time, you’ll be branded as a “scam” … and trust me, you don’t want anyone to say that in social media! You’ve been warned.

Okay, simply put, bundle complimentary products like face masks and hand sanitizers, or men’s shaving cream, a razor, and a shaving apron … you can even throw in a growth oil to make the beard grow back sooner! You get the point.

You can bundle toiletries, bath towels and bathrobes, pet toys and bathing essentials, smartphone gamepads and earphones, etc. These are some of the bundled essentials while being home isolated.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to mention the offers in your Facebook or Instagram Page. There are a lot of COVID-related Facebook groups that have sprouted which you can join and share the positive efforts and products you’ve been working on!

Still don’t have a Shopify dropshipping store? Check out our niche store collection!

DropshipForsale will take care of creating a professional-looking, fully-functional dropshipping niche store for you within 24-38 hours. If you don’t find the niche you’re interested in, we can also build a custom store for you. Chat with us now!

Next, let’s talk about one of the hottest niches and products these days and perfect for family-bonding … or with whomever is stuck with you at home!

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