Dropshipping Hack: Free Images to Create a Fresh New Look

Dropshipping Hack: Free Images to Create a Fresh New Look

As a store owner, you take pride in your store’s design and presentation. But, do you sometimes feel like your Shopify store needs a fresh new look? How long has it been since you last feel excited to look at your store’s images? If you feel this way, we can be certain that your customers also feel this way.

Today, we’ll show you how to quickly give your Shopify dropshipping store a fresh new look!

You simply need a virtual assistant with a keen eye for design, or you can take this opportunity to learn design yourself.

If your Shopify store only has 2 colors (white background and any other color for menu, buttons, border lines, etc.), it’s easier to find images to use. Check out the demo website for our baby niche store. In this example store, you can easily replace these images with new ones. You can use the images as they are without having to add any image overlay color.

Now, if your store has a major color, like our male grooming demo store, you can add the same color to overlay the image to match your Shopify store’s color scheme. With a gender dropshipping store like this, you can easily find a lot of men and women’s free images. These are perfect for clothing, grooming, and fashion accessories dropshipping niche stores.

Shopify has a built-in library of free images that you can use for your store. They are high quality photos that you only need to recolor so they match your store’s color theme. You can also add texts on them to showcase your promos or talk more about your company.

Pexels.com and Pixabay.com are excellent websites to get free images for your Shopify store. They have more free images to offer and you only need to enter keywords to find niche related photos. They’ve got images of gadgets, home decorations, art images, garage tools, kitchen utensils, and more. They also offer a lot of holidays and seasonal themed images showing happy people. These are perfect images on the homepage to create a welcoming vibe on your store. This also creates an impression that your store satisfies customers.

If you haven’t tried tinkering with the Shopify store editor page, this is your chance. This time just focus on replacing the images if you’re not familiar with the other sections yet. Here’s a quick video to show you how to replace the images in your Shopify store.

We can also do a minor touch up on your dropshipping store, or a full makeover to give it a fresh new look, plus adding new product collections.

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