Dropshipping Hack: Hire a Virtual Assistant

Dropshipping Hack: Hire a Virtual Assistant

As more and more dropshipping niche stores get busy due to high volume of orders and sales, store owners tend to get overwhelmed. Is this you?

If you’re a Shopify store owner and you feel overwhelmed now with the tasks working in your dropshipping business, here’s a quick hack for you!

A Virtual Assistant is someone who can help you run your online dropshipping store. You can find someone experienced in doing Shopify store related tasks like fulfilling orders, updating the order tracking numbers, communicating with suppliers, and keeping your customers happy.

Upwork.com has a wide selection of carefully vetted virtual assistants. You pay a small fee for using their platform and for additional services like using the time tracking feature to monitor the activities and work hours of your virtual assistant. Depending on your location and your language preference, you can hire bilingual virtual assistants. For example, if your online dropshipping store is selling locally in France and still accepts international orders, there are virtual assistants who can speak French and English. They are able to work with you and your store in French, and work with your dropshipping suppliers and customers in English.

A lot of US-based companies turn to OnlineJobs.ph to hire English speaking virtual assistants for their Shopify dropshipping stores. Here you can hire someone directly without having to work with a third-party service and no additional cost to you. In this case, you will have to work directly with your virtual assistant and monitor the work schedule by yourself.

These are just a couple of websites that you can quickly check to find a virtual assistant to help you. You will have more time in your hands to focus on other aspects of your dropshipping business like looking for angel investors to scale your business. Your customers won’t have to work longer to get replies for their inquiries. Delivery issues and complaints will always arise, but with a good customer service virtual assistant, you’ll be able to answer them quickly and start creating loyal customers.

And if you’re ready to give your store a makeover or add more products to your collections, check out our plug-and-play dropshipping niche stores!

DropshipForsale can help you start a new online dropshipping niche store within 24-48 hours or scale your existing Shopify store. If you don’t find the niche you’re interested in, we can also build a custom store for you. Chat with us now!

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Teresa Kennedy on

Are suppliers vetted and do you have alternative suppliers should bankruptcy occur?

Ramon Logan on

I am interested to know more specific details about DeopshipForSale, i.e. the mechanics and operations, etc.

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