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COVID-19 Update: 30 Days and Counting! Let’s Start Dropshipping!

COVID-19 Update: 30 Days and Counting! Let’s Start Dropshipping!

It’s been more than 30 days now since we’ve been ordered to stay at home. Bigger service companies like call centers and accounting firms were able to keep their workforce working at home. A lot of average Joe has been laid off from work and now looking for an alternate source of income online. If you’re looking to start your own dropshipping business for the long term, here’s an in-demand niche store that’s perfect to get started!

Start with a home office niche store!

This is a new dropshipping niche brought about by the stay-at-home mandate. Employees now have to set up their own workstations at home or a distraction-free home office. This is a great opportunity to start dropshipping computer tables, computer accessories like USBs, storage drives, noise-cancelling headsets, even pens and paper!

If you already have an existing Shopify dropshipping store, this can be a great addition to your product collections. Check out this previous post on how to make it work. 

Other essential work-at-home items for home-office workers would be coffee makers to quickly get caffeine boost whenever necessary. Inspiring quotes on coffee mugs, wall decals, or on canvas paintings are also great products to dropship. Whiteboard and markers, desk lamps, file organizers, are certainly excellent products that home office workers need.

Chat with us and we’ll be happy to add this new collection to your existing Shopify dropshipping store. We can also build you a unique home office custom niche store and get you started dropshipping within 48 hours!

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