Dropshipping Hack: One New Collection Every Dropshipping Store Needs

Dropshipping Hack: One New Collection Every Dropshipping Store Needs

A lot of new Shopify dropshipping stores focused on a single product and sold only masks taking advantage of the demand since coronavirus became a pandemic. On the other hand, existing dropshipping stores experienced a decline in sales as online shoppers hold off buying superfluous products like jewelry, clothing, electronic devices,etc.

Now, we got one quick solution for you … create a Featured Collection on the homepage! 

A Featured Collection is a single collection of products that can be displayed on the home page. Now you can add a featured collection of face masks, hand sanitizers, antibacterial soap, etc., anything related to COVID-19 prevention! 

You can direct your store visitor’s attention to it by adding a nice collection image to it. Or you can color the background to make it stand out on the homepage. You can also add a heading and some text to explain why this collection has been featured. Quickly explain the role of these products in stopping coronavirus from spreading. By doing this, it would make sense adding this featured collection to your gadgets store or jewelry niche store, right?

You can even run a campaign to donate part of the proceeds to the local hospitals. Try one of our 3 tips to help improve your sales, and take advantage of the current worldwide pandemic to work for you and promote your dropshipping store!

Check out our Premium Women Fashion Store, and you’ll see on the homepage how the collections are highlighted. Now, imagine if you could do the same with the Featured Face Mask Collection on your store’s homepage!

We’ll be happy to help you add a Featured Collection on your existing Shopify niche store. Just chat with us!

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