COVID-19 with Boredom VS Fun!

COVID-19 with Boredom VS Fun!

Today let us show you how you can help your customers fight boredom while enduring the stay-at-home mandate. Nowadays, fun is always associated with electronic gadgets and gaming. In fact, it’s one of the biggest niches in dropshipping. A lot of our clients at DropshipForSale start with our basic Electronics and Gadgets store and add related niches to expand their reach. This way you can target more customers who are interested in electronic gadgets and other things.

Our gadget niche store includes selfie drones, smartphone gamepads, and 3D virtual reality glasses. And here are some excellent niche combinations you can apply to your Shopify dropshipping stores today. 

  • Gadgets with Arts & Crafts
  • Yes, the arts and crafts niche we’ve covered in our previous post is a great addition to a gadget niche store (or vice-versa). It targets art-lover parents with young children at home, and gadgets for teenagers and young adults. There are also electronic drawing pads that are a nice addition to your product collections.

  • Gadgets and Music
  • Music is one of the best stress relievers and naturally boosts the immune system. Music headphones can be offered in bundles with 3D VR glasses. Bluetooth speakers can be bundled with gamepads. We’ve covered on this post how bundle offers can help boost your sales. This is perfect for music-lovers stuck indoors and want to drown out the noise from their housemates. Or for gamers playing with loud sounds in their apartment!

  • Gadgets and Board Games
  • Board games are considered antique fun relics and most kids might not have seen them yet. With these products, you target the parents and remind them how these board games build mental acuity and foster family bonding. This will be a good alternate source of fun while giving their kids a break from screen time.

  • Gadgets and Yard Games
  • Yard games are more active fun games that your customers can do with their kids … well, in the yard. From water pistols to nerf guns, shooting hoops, playing catch, or a hula-hoop competition!

    Yes, as you can see, all these niches can be combined into one big fun-filled dropshipping niche store!

    DropshipForsale can definitely build a custom store like this for you. We’ll take care of creating a professional-looking, fully-functional dropshipping niche store for you within 24-48 hours. We build it from scratch or within your existing Shopify dropshipping niche store. Chat with us!

    Next up, we’ll look into another niche store combination and how to hook store visitors and keep your loyal customers!

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