Creative Products to Help Your Customers Fight Corona Boredom!

Creative Products to Help Your Customers Fight Corona Boredom!

As promised, today we’ll talk about one of the hottest dropshipping niches around. Since most of us are confined at home, instead of letting themselves and their kids be tied with gadgets, some parents spend time doing arts and crafts with their children.

You can create a dedicated collection of arts and crafts products in your existing Shopify store, or we can redesign your store into a new arts and crafts dropshipping store. A great way to introduce these products to your customers (or friends and family) is to let them know how having fun with arts and crafts boosts the immune system and helps them fight the corona virus … and it fights off boredom, too!

Here are a few excellent products to start dropshipping and introduce to your store visitors:

1) Rainbow Art Paper
It’s an amazing piece of paper that’s plain black in appearance at first glance. Once you start drawing shapes, the paper reveals rainbow color lines and shapes with every stroke. Creating unique art drawings every time!

2) 150 Coloring Tool Kit

For the old fashioned, this coloring set includes crayons, coloring pens, a watercolor set, and pastels. It also includes a ruler, scissors, and a crayon sharpener. This is the perfect toolkit to explore different methods of drawing and coloring.

3)Origami Art Paper

Origami is for everyone. It creates a warm feeling of accomplishment once you’ve created a figure out of a piece of paper. And for beginners, this Origami art paper already has easy-to-follow guide lines and shapes in them.

4)Stress Relief Coloring Books

These are originally created and designed for kids with autism or ADHD to help them relax and train to focus. Incredibly, a lot of adults experiencing anxiety got hooked to these coloring books and so they’ve evolved into “stress relief coloring books” with excellent shapes and images to color! 

Of course, there are a lot more arts and crafts products that you can sell in your store. I hope that this short list has sparked some creative ideas in your head. If you add these sales strategies from our previous post, you’ll get a higher chance of success!

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