Does Your Shopify Dropshipping Store Have a Customer Magnet?

Does Your Shopify Dropshipping Store Have a Customer Magnet?

If you’ve consulted with us to build your dropshipping store, then you’ve already figured out what niche you’re passionate about. This is a great start, and now we’ll show you how to use this advantage to create a “customer magnet” for your Shopify dropshipping business.

This is actually derived from the term “lead magnet”. Businesses that offer services use lead magnets to attract potential clients. For example, an online marketing company may create a list of 20 marketing tips with information on 10 free apps that you may install in your Shopify dropshipping store. You can’t read it as a blog post but you can get an ebook PDF copy of it in exchange for your contact information. Will you give it to them to get your hands on this copy?

Of course you will! 90% of Shopify store owners do, because they know that they need these ideas to help their dropshipping business succeed!

This is how a lead magnet works. You have now become a lead or prospect for this online marketing company. You will soon receive more email tips, promotions, discount offers, and sometimes even a phone call to discuss how they can help your business by signing an advertising contract with them. Since you own a dropshipping store, you won’t mind receiving emails and getting a phone call, in fact, you might even take their offer since this is what you need!

Now, imagine using the same strategy in your dropshipping business. This is where your passion comes into play. Since you yourself is interested in the niche you’ve chosen and the products you’re selling, you will surely find it fun to create a “customer magnet” for your Shopify dropshipping store!

You can create an ebook, a quick video tutorial, a powerpoint presentation … anything you’re comfortable doing! Be yourself, and be creative!

Here are some ideas:

Men / Women Fashion Niche Store: create a PDF fashion magazine with your own selfie wearing your products mixing and matching them creating a new fashion style.

Pet Niche Store: create a series of video tutorials how to teach dogs or cats or other pets some tricks using the pet products you’re selling.

Arts and Crafts Niche Store: you can create a video instruction, or write it as a fun-looking PDF ebook, of the arts projects that your customer can do by themselves with your art products.

You get the idea? You won’t run out of tips and tricks to share since you yourself enjoy the products and the niche you're working on. Simply share the tips and ideas you experience with your customers and they’ll be happy to be part of your customer database. They will enjoy receiving more email tips, promotions, and discounts knowing that it helps them look better or have more fun with their pets and family. The best part is, you don’t have to call them to convince them to buy from you!

But if you have a specific niche and you’re not sure what kind of customer magnet to create, just email us and we’ll be happy to give you some pointers. Chat with us!

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