Dropshipping Hack: Would You Buy Your Product? ... Yes? Will You Buy It Again?

Dropshipping Hack: Would You Buy Your Product? ... Yes? Will You Buy It Again?

One of the most common questions we get asked, “What is the most profitable niche you have?”

And we always say, “We always suggest you go for the niche you’re passionate about.”

This means to say that there’s more to running a dropshipping store than just selling products to your customers. Have you tried any of your products? Do you know how to use them? Can you explain your products’ features and functions to someone who isn’t familiar with it?

It’s really awesome to have customers flock in your new Shopify store and try your products. Is it still the case after a month or two? Wouldn’t it be nice if customers keep coming back to purchase?

Yes, we’re here to share some more tips on how to keep your customers coming back and improve your sales month after month. We’ve already mentioned in this previous post that periodic store dress up would make your store look fresh all the time.

  1. Get to Know the Products - as long as you’re interested with the niche or products you’re in, this won’t be a problem. Don’t start a dropshipping store that sells pet products if you haven’t got a pet, or worse, you have pet fur allergies!
    After we hand over the store to you, you can directly communicate with the suppliers, build a good relationship with them so they’d take care of your customers, too! And they’d be happy to send you sample products to check the quality. You can also use the sample products to create howto videos, or write better instructions and FAQs in English.
  2. Build a Social Media Community - after you have howto videos or written instructions in English, it’s time to share them to your customers! Simply create an exclusive Facebook Group for your customers and post the howto videos or blogs or new FAQs here and get feedback from them. You can learn a lot from getting first hand feedback from your customers. They’d surely appreciate the effort and reward you with loyalty.
  3. Launch a New Product - this only means that you can introduce new products to your social media community every month or when the seasons change. Make sure the products are in season, don’t introduce a new summer outfit in winter. If your dropshipping store is all about lifestyle products, you can simply relaunch your existing products, when you discover and find a new way of using it, or you found other scenarios that the item could be useful! The goal is to burn your store/brand name on the customers’ memory. So when they need something, your Shopify store would be the first one they’d remember to check! If their friends need something, your store would be the first one they’d recommend!

Clothing gets out of fashion, gadgets break down, teenagers age and become legitimate members of the society who’d love to start shopping for the first time! Keep all your customers happy, informed, and even involved in your entrepreneurship journey by creating a social media community for them. These loyal customers will keep your dropshipping business alive for years to come.

If you think you’ve started your dropshipping niche store idea the wrong way, we’ll be happy to brainstorm with you to figure out what niche suits you best. Chat with us!

Are you planning on starting a dropshipping store? DropshipForSale can help you get started the right way. We’ll take care of creating a professional-looking, fully-functional dropshipping niche store for you within 24-48 hours. If you don’t find the niche you’re interested in, we can also build a custom store for you. Chat with us now!

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