Shopify VS Wordpress for Dropshipping?

Shopify VS Wordpress for Dropshipping?

If you’re serious about running a successful dropshipping business, you need to invest on a reliable and scalable dropshipping website. Today we’ll show you why Shopify is still the best choice to run your dropshipping store on.

Flexibility: Wordpress and Shopify are both flexible in terms of giving your storefront a makeover. Both offer free themes with hundreds of paid premium themes to choose from. On Shopify, the store editor feature is naturally user-friendly without having to install any third-party theme builder like Elementor, Divi Builder, or Beaver Builder for Wordpress. Stil, some of these add-ons are free with limited features. On the other hand, Shopify free themes can model other professional-looking websites. Check out our sample designs here and model our stores. :)

Startup Cost: A lot of other clients that come to us don’t like the $29/mo Shopify subscription fee when they think that they can save more with a free Wordpress dropshipping store. They quickly change their mind once we show them the other expenses that they will incur aside from getting the “free” Wordpress dropshipping website. The $29/mo actually included website hosting, essential integrations like payment gateways, Facebook and Instagram shops, and you can even sell to eBay and Amazon just by linking your accounts.Whereas, you will have to purchase a hosting service and install the payment gateway add on, and the other third-party integration add-ons to be able to widen your customer reach on Facebook, Instagram, eBay, and Amazon. Again, some are free with limited features.

Reliability: There is another issue of store maintenance. Third-party add-ons get updated all the time, not all of them will perfectly suit your store setup though. So your dropshipping store may be left offline until the issue gets fixed. In our years of experience working with hundreds of Shopify stores, we never had a complaint about a similar issue like this. Shopify stores don’t get broken down by incompatible apps. They simply won’t install and the error won’t even hurt your Shopify store.You’re always 100% ready to make sales.

Security: Dropshipping stores need to handle customer credit card information securely. With internet technology growing faster by the minute, malicious website hackers and identity thieves may exploit your store database to steal confidential customer information. It’s a scary thought, but a reality nonetheless. Shopify handles these data with utmost security in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) which was founded by all the big credit and payment card companies like American Express, Discover, JBC, MasterCard and Visa. They never store customer financial info in the platform so there is nothing for hackers to steal. And still your store handles payments smoothly. Pretty cool, right?

Support: Last but not the least is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that whatever happens, there is a top notch customer service team that will assist you. Issues may arise here and there, but you are never left alone to deal with them. Running your own Wordpress dropshipping store will require you to have some technical skills on troubleshooting to figure out where the issue is coming from. Once the issue is identified, you’ll need to find your contact list of the customer support team from each third-party app that you installed since each one of them only cares about issues on their own app. But you can always get a website developer on retainer to take care of store maintenance for you for $600-$1,000 USD a month.

Not much of a saving now, is it?

There’s no denying that Shopify still offers the best platform to build your dropshipping business on. Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur or an established dropshipping business, Shopify will surely add more to your bottom line in the long run so you can put more investment into scaling your dropshipping business into an income generating online store.

DropshipForSale is committed to building a reliable and scalable dropshipping niche store for you. With more than 2,000 successfully completed stores, we’re the expert in setting up a good foundation for your Shopify dropshipping store business.

We’ll take care of creating a professional-looking, fully-functional dropshipping niche store for you within 24-48 hours. If you don’t find the niche you’re interested in, we can also build a custom store for you. Chat with us now!

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