Income Generating Stores : The Steps

Income Generating Stores : The Steps

A lot of dropshipping niche stores have launched very well on social media. They’ve got tons of sales and were able to get back 150% ROI in less than a month. Then, sales start to dry out. What could they have done wrong?

A lot of things could go wrong in running any business. Even more so when running an online dropshipping store. We’re not going to talk about the wrong things, but we’re going to lay out a plan to start your dropshipping niche store business the right way. If you already have an existing Shopify dropshipping niche store and you feel like you need to start creating a working system to generate a stable flow of income, these tips can surely help.

Start With Your Interest

If you haven’t started your own dropshipping business yet, this should be the easiest part. Don’t think too far ahead, but just look at what you’re interested in. Dropshipping is all about finding the people with the same interest and fulfilling their needs/wants. This means that you’ll have to connect with your customers and talk about the same interests and introduce your products as a solution to the same everyday inconvenience that you experience. Learn more on how to identify the best niche for you and how to take advantage of your passion from this previous blog topic.

Be Flexible, Follow the Trend

Now that you’ve identified the niche that compliments your interest, you don’t have to be rigid and strictly selling single niche products. We’ve discussed on this topic how you can take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic and use it to drive more traffic and sales to your existing store. Your store’s design and vibe should also match the seasons to keep it looking fresh.

Put Your Customers in One Place

Creating an exclusive social media community for your customers will make them feel valued, and they will repay you with loyalty. But don’t just add them to the group and leave them be, you have to keep them engaged in the community and with your business. Create more customer magnets that they can share to their friends and family, and get them added to your customer list!

Pro Tip: Private Label Your Products

Once you have saved enough to scale your Shopify dropshipping business, it’s time to private label your products. You should add your brand name and logo on every product you deliver to your customers to burn your store name in their memory. The next time they need something, your dropshipping niche store should be the first thing that comes to their mind!

DropshipForSale has successfully helped a lot of startup dropshipping businesses hit the ground running. With all these steps laid out as a guide, you now see how to run your business and what areas of the business you should focus on. Chat with us and so we can brainstorm on how to start your own dropshipping business the right way!

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I have a Shopify store but it’s not like it should be. I would like to buy a pre made launch store that was advertised hopefully you can help me with that. So whatever store I get I hope you can transfer the url . Please call me at (504)460-8566

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How much profit will be made on the seller end?

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What is the wholesale cost per item

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