COVID-19: 4 Ways to Have Fun at Home

COVID-19: 4 Ways to Have Fun at Home

Everyone has been very cautious since the Corona Virus has been renamed to COVID-19 and declared pandemic. Countries have closed their borders to tourists and cities quarantined. Being quarantined at home, we’re bombarded with scary news about the increasing number of new infections and how everyone panics around the world.


Now that most of us are staying at home, how do we maximize it? 


Here are 4 positive ideas you can do while stuck at home:

1) Hunt Your Friends
All of us have distant friends that we don’t get to see as often as we want, why not give them a (video) call. With all the communication apps available to us today, you won’t have any excuse not to start catching up.
It’s also fun to hunt down the ones we love (and hate) in high school! It will be a challenge since they’d be changing their profile names hiding from YOU … and that’s the fun part!
Pro Tip: Don’t talk about COVID-19 for god’s sake!
2) Play Xbox with Your Cellmate
This is the perfect time to start bonding with … whomever is stuck with you at home! Play Xbox, Wii, Mobile Legends ... with your kids. Binge watch movies, TV series, dramas, with your girlfriend or wife.
Pro Tip: If you’re not familiar with these, then pretend you’re interested, they’ll love you more for it! The goal is to have fun with them!

3) Dust Off the Bookshelf
Have you been putting off reading your favorite books? You’re in luck, coz’ nobody will blame you for isolating yourself reading your books. Just tell them you’re practicing social distancing!
4) Look For Income Opportunities
If you’re one of those who worry about the economy, fret no more. There are a lot of ways to start earning extra online. You can start blogging, a YouTube channel, or a podcast and talk about your field expertise, news happening in your neighborhood, or any deep thoughts and realizations while in solitude at home. Who knows? You might get invited to speak at TED Talks and start a new career!
Dropshipping with Shopify is also a cool way of earning from home. Imagine selling hundreds of products without having to manage a big physical store or warehouse. specializes in creating an online store for you within 28-48 hours and we’ll make sure that your products are from local suppliers. We’ve got thousands of suppliers who have warehouses located in the US, within the UK, and Australia so shipping won’t be a problem!
If you succeed starting your own online business, then you don’t have to wait for another virus scare to be able to work at home and do all these 4 tips again, right? Get Started Here


We believe that if we stay on the positive side of life, we’ll keep ourselves healthier and resistant to COVID-19. So focus on the positive things you can do while you stay at home and stop worrying about the increasing number of infections.


Do you have any other pro tips you can share? How do you maximize your free time being quarantined at home?

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